[Foundation] Logo Politicking

Jeremy Nickurak atrus at rifetech.com
Thu Mar 13 23:49:51 CST 2003

On Thu, 2003-03-13 at 16:06, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Well, FWIW, I'm not sure how much politicking is going to help at this
> point, since the vast majority of members (62 of 88) have already voted.
> Of course, members can vote again (I'm always happy to delete earlier
> votes if people ask me to or they can join the meeting next Thursday and
> vote differently than they did via proxy), but I doubt many people will.
> Just so you know. :)

While I don't personally have any real issues with how the poll is
running, it doesn't make alot of sense to assume that people who have
already voted neccesarilly agree with the process.

Jeremy Nickurak <atrus at rifetech.com>

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