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Stephen Lee srlee at myjabber.net
Sun Mar 16 09:19:50 CST 2003

I was away for most of last week and returned to the flood of email from
the foundation, after reading a few of them I was disgusted with the
tone. I finally just deleted the whole mess.
Something to keep in mind is that the foundation is made up of members
from all over the world and references to Hitler and Nazi's can offend
quite a few people even if it was meant in jest, which  was never quite
clear as to if it was or not.
After showing this email to a few of my friends in Germany, the question
was raised as to how such an email would not have people banned from the
mailing list.
comment as follows....
i would kick out this guy from the foundation very fast. You cant write
such mails in a mailing list
and another...

that is a  very bad bad mail
and one last..
how can these people think it is ok to write such things
I'll refrain from posting some of the more brutal comments as some
people may be offended by them.
As I mentioned in a previous email, I think this whole process was a
I have made my statement and after much consideration I will be
abstaining from this vote.
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