[Foundation] Resignation

Iain Shigeoka iain at jivesoftware.com
Thu Oct 9 16:14:59 CDT 2003

Hi all,

As the JSF and my needs have evolved, I have found that the JSF and my 
needs have begun to diverge. This past summer, the growing difference 
in direction culminated in a name change proposal by myself and several 
other JSF members. The name change proposal was an effort to provide 
for the growing needs of small businesses, JINC, and the JSF community 
while continuing to maintain a unified JSF organization. The membership 
voted the name change proposal down.

However, the JSF board responded to our needs by proposing an XMPP.org 
team be formed within the JSF to plan and eventually implement a new 
subgroup in the JSF. The XMPP.org subgroup would work to address the 
growing needs of small businesses. We applauded the move and were 
excited to be working with the JSF to bring this about.

Unfortunately, in last week's board meeting, before the XMPP.org team 
had a chance to even create a preliminary proposal, the board 
unilaterally revoked the XMPP.org team's autonomy and changed the scope 
and charter of the group. The new charter makes the XMPP.org team a 
redundant extension of the existing IETF efforts within the JSF and 
does not address any of the needs which we were led to believe it 
would. The decision was extremely disappointing and clearly signals to 
me that the JSF no longer meets my needs.

Therefore, I am regretfully resigning as Compliance Team leader and JSF 
member, effective immediately.

I know our mutual goals will align in certain areas and hope we can 
continue to work together in the future.


iain shigeoka

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