[Foundation] JSF Resignation

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Thu Oct 9 16:19:54 CDT 2003

Hey all,

As an xmpp.org team member, I've considered the recent board decision to 
change the xmpp.org charter carefully. Unfortunately, I think it's no 
longer possible for us to accomplish what I had hoped for the site. 
Specifically, to create:

  * a place to promote the protocol that isn't commercially encumbered 
by the "Jabber" brand.
  * a place that can have a more balanced approach between commerical 
and open source interests.
  * a place to develop XMPP extensions that are not of interest to 

Therefore, I'm resigning from the xmpp.org team. I'm also disheartened 
by the general direction of the JSF and the continued rigid attitudes 
towards change. I had thought that the fairly close name change proposal 
vote would serve as a basis for some amount of reform, but that appears 
to not be the case. Unfortunately, that means I'm also resigning my JSF 
membership. Of course, I'll still play an active role in developing and 
promoting XMPP, but it will have to be through a different medium than 
the JSF.

Best Regards,

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