[Foundation] Resignation

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Sat Oct 11 03:17:33 CDT 2003

Bart van Bragt wrote:

> Jason Frankel wrote:
>> http://www.jabber.org/xmppdotorg/clarification.php
> Ah, thanks :D Missed that one..
> I guess the first Charter is this one?
> http://mailman.jabber.org/pipermail/members/2003-August/002546.html
> If that's the case then I'm pretty curious what the main differences 
> are between those two charters :?
Well, for background, many people see a problem with the JSF promoting 
the name of one particular implementor's product. these people say them 
supporting the JSF thus creates unlevel playing field in selling their 
own products. I believe their hope was that a different, "XMPP" 
brand/certification mark could be pursued instead of a "Jabber" brand/mark.

The final board resolution was that XMPP is not a good brand to adopt 
since the XMPP process is not part of the JSF; the name is 
pre-established to be associated with the IETF.

The choice is correct in my opinion, but for a very similar reason to 
why sticking with "Jabber" brands/marks could be considered a very bad one.

-David Waite

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