[Foundation] "Jabber" name again

Ulrich B. Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Thu Oct 16 02:11:21 CDT 2003

> Bart van Bragt wrote:
>> Harold E. Gottschalk Jr. wrote:
>>>> The best solution to this would be to make JSF an acronym no more 
>>>> and merely make it the name.  
>>> I agree.
>> Eehm, what would this solve?
>> The problem:
>> - The 'Jabber' name (or brand) is fairly well known
>> - XMPP is not known to many people and IMO it's not a very 
>> 'userfriendly' name.
>> - Jabber Inc. is a company
>> Dropping 'Jabber' altogether is nearly impossible and also fairly 
>> stupid because it will confuse the heck out of the people that 
>> finally know what Jabber is. Also saying 'JSF' instead of 'Jabber 
>> Software Foundation' won't solve the problem because people will 
>> still refer to the protocol as being 'Jabber'.

I do agree with Heg and partially agree with Bart. The people may refer 
to the protocol as jabber - it's like (*thinking of an english example*) 
australians saying fosters to beer ;) or germans saying tempo to 

i don't want to predict the future of this whole terming stuff but i 
think the JSF should use that term - JSF - it would be good.

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