[Foundation] "Jabber" name again

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Oct 16 04:54:47 CDT 2003

> > Jabber is the term used by consumers, as shown in the previously
> > article (interestingly containing none of the main problems mentioned by
> > the pro name change camp, i.e. confusion between Jabber Inc and Jabber,
> > Jabber Inc getting more exposure than other companies, also XMPP isnt
> > mentioned at all in the article).
> The article _is_ confusing.  And it never says "Jabber, Inc." anywhere.
>   "Jabber [...] said it has signed up more than 4 million licensed users."
>   "In March, Jabber secured a $7.2m (£4.6m) investment from Intel
> Huh??
> As I said, it is easy for one of us to figure out what this article really
> means, but I can assure you the uninformed reader will be lost.
> I'm not suggesting a name change.  I'm not even suggesting any solution.
> just pointing out that this article is a problem.  Do you find nothing
> with it?

That is not the article "I" was talking about, someone else mentioned that
article the article I was talking about was about instant messaging in this
months PC Plus magazine here in the UK.

The article you are talking about has probably not been properly researched
(most likely rushed quickly to meet a short deadline), and if I recall was
on ZDnet which I would not say is a particularly consumer oriented site, I
would say its more targetted at what I would call the more technical region
of the market than the consumer market.


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