[Foundation] "Jabber" name again ---- Terminal node?

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Thu Oct 16 12:25:26 CDT 2003

Mike Prince wrote:

>- JabberD 2, as the reference implementation of XMPP (is that statement
>correct?) will garner greater attention, especially amongst
>sysops/hobbyists who want to try it out.  We will hear lot's of "I
>installed Jabber!"
Probably more "a reference implementation of XMPP and JSF enhancements". 
As far as the relationship between the jabberd project and the JSF is 
concerned, it is purely a hosting relationship through jabberstudio.

>I don't work for Jabber, Inc., so the genericizing (sp? word?) of the
>Jabber name does not impact me AFAIK.  And the trends work towards a
>Jabber "brand" which contrasts to Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN.  This is good
>for us all as the layman understands there is an option.
I welcome argument from the board on this, but I think they have taken 
the view that value of the Jabber brand in relation to the JSF outweighs 
the confusion which users have over what Jabber "is". I also think the 
recent step-downs from the JSF over the naming issues illustrates this 
well. Unless the leadership believes switching to and promoting an 
alternate "clearly owned" brand is the best option, all this 
conversation is doing is illustrating an existing problem which the 
deciding parties _already_ have an opinion on.

 From a political point of view, I think people know what my hopes for 
the future are. I'm more technically oriented though; the usefulness of 
the extensions the JSF puts forward is not something I'm willing to 
ignore or stop participating in.

Any hypothetical products I put forth implementing XMPP and JSF 
enhancements would not advertise the jabber brand, and therefore might 
not gain significant value by participating several JSF programs, such 
as the compliance or branding programs. It is a shame that some of the 
JSF services are 'tainted' by the use of the jabber brand, but in my 
opinion there are plenty of other benefits the JSF still provides.

-David Waite

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