[Foundation] applications received, voting to start today

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Oct 17 12:56:01 CDT 2003

According to my records, the JSF recently received applications from 
four new prospective members (after weeding out seriously incomplete
applications) as well as renewals from 11 existing members. The list of
existing members who were required to re-apply is here:


Of the 21 people on that list, only 11 have re-applied as far as I can
tell (the database data is a bit ambiguous, since it doesn't explicitly
flag those who've re-applied). AFAICS, those who DID re-apply are:

Jared Cluff
Paul Curtis
Russell Davis
Martin Lesser
Constantin Nickonov
Jeremy Nickurak
Luis Peralta
Ben Schumacher
Ulrich Staudinger
David Sutton
Johannes Wagener

AFAICS, those who DID NOT re-apply are:

Daniel Bender
Casey Crabb
Fabrice Desre
Matt Jankowski
Craig Kaes
Justin Karneges
Mike Mintz
Jan Niehusmann
James Ray
Shawn Wilton

If you believe that data is incorrect, please contact me ASAP via Jabber
(of course, if you have not re-applied now, you can always apply again
in 3 months).

I'll get memberbot working later today once I've double-checked all the
data. And my apologies for the delay in voting -- the last week has been
rather insane on the IETF front.



P.S. I've chatted with many of the folks who did not re-apply, and most
of them simply have not been actively working on Jabber-related projects
and thus did feel that they should remain members of the JSF. Just in
case you're wondering...

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