[Foundation] Extension Proposals

Paul Curtis pcurtis at terrapin.com
Mon Oct 27 08:04:24 CST 2003

Since Jacek has chosen to delete the last paragraph of the e-mail I sent to the Council 
list, I'll repost here. Please note the phrase "as an exercise" (sp). Since Jacek has 
brought everyone into this test of the H20 discussion system, I'll invite everyone to the 
"exercise" discussion.

 From the original e-mail:

As an excerise, I will be taking two of the most important question in this missive,
renaming proposals and proposal statuses, and creating two "rotisseries" for questions and
rebuttals. The "rounds" will be found under "Council" at http://jabber.terrapin.com/h2o. I
will set the start date in the future (Sunday) to allow everyone to register. Make sure
you join the "Council" project to receive the "rounds". You have to be registered and in
the project to receive the questions.


To join the question rounds, you will need to register at:


In addition, to participate in the "exercise" you will need to join the "Council" project. 
The first question will be posted at 7:00pm EST (US Eastern). If you have registered and 
joined the Council project by that time, you will receive an e-mail notice requesting your 

I would highly recommend reading the information on how this type of discussion forum 
works. The information is available here:



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