[Foundation] SIMPLE/XMPP interop?

Tony Bamonti tbamonti at jabber.com
Mon Oct 27 11:41:52 CST 2003

Just a clarification....I also did not attend this meeting....it was
attended by Joe Hildebrand and Frank Cardello from Jabber, Inc.,  as well as
Lisa Dusseault, the XMPP Working Group co-chair. It was an informal meeting
requested by some of the SIMPLE folks to discuss whether there may be enough
common ground for the XMPP and SIMPLE camps to work on a common
server-to-server interop protocol.  No plans, decisions or commitments have
or would be made without appropriate socialization within the JSF and the
XMPP/Jabber community.  As Peter indicated, there will likely be some
additional discussions at the next IETF meeting in Minneapolis.

Tony Bamonti

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> Subject: [Foundation] SIMPLE/XMPP interop?
> You may have noticed the following news story:
> http://www.infoworld.com/article/03/10/24/42NNxmpp_1.html
> In short, at the IM Planet conference two weeks ago, some of the 
> technical leaders behind SIP/SIMPLE set up a meeting to discuss ways
> to pursue interoperability between SIP/SIMPLE and Jabber/XMPP. I was 
> not present at the meeting, so my only information is second 
> hand (from
> Joe Hildebrand and Tony Bamonti, who attended as Jabber Inc. 
> employees).
> However, the SIP/SIMPLE folks came to the meeting with a preliminary
> document that outlined one approach to interoperability. I have seen
> that document, but it was certainly not a formal proposal and 
> AFAIK has
> not been submitted as an Internet-Draft. At this point it is much too 
> early to say that a breakthrough has been achieved in IM and presence 
> interoperability. 
> My understanding is that there will be some informal 
> discussions related
> to interoperability at the next IETF meeting, which will be held in
> Minneapolis the week of November 9-14. I will be at the IETF 
> meeting, so
> hopefully I will learn more about this nascent effort at that time.
> Peter
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