[Foundation] Confusion Over JEP Discussion

Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Tue Oct 28 14:27:18 CST 2003

There seems to be a lot of confusion over the current JEP discussion.  
I started this discussion in a council meeting because we seemed to be 
moving a lot of JEPs to informational status.  That felt like we were 
abusing a loophole in the JEP approval process that essentially made an 
informational JEP a "standard", so we began by discussing what an 
informational JEP entailed.  This naturally moved to a discussion of 
what a "standard" JEP entailed.  We had and still have no complete 
consensus on what "informational", "standard", "extension", and all 
mean.  The discussion has basically become a way to define these terms 
so we can understand how to move forward with JEPs.  The council is not 
trying to change the process without going to the members.  All major 
changes to JEPs have to go through the entire Last Call process that 
ensures there is complete agreement before it moves forward.  We are 
merely trying to figure out how to handle all the old JEPs that are not 
very core XMPP extensions.

Now, some of the discussion seems a bit more heavy than that.  Such as 
the initial question on the H2O.  It is almost a question of whether or 
not the JSF is doing anything after the IETF passes XMPP.  At this 
point the question should be considered a way to stimulate conversation 
related to the function of JEPs, JEP types, and the duties of the 
council.  This is a healthy reevaluation of our process that nearly 
every new council has gone through, this time it's just a bit more 


-  Nothing will drastically change without member consensus
-  There are many parties involved in the discussion (which is public) 
to ensure it's not a back street deal.
-  This is healthy.

Our council meetings are open to the public (Moderated MUC so non 
council members do not have voice unless granted it), and have been 
from the start, so if you wish to watch what we're doing feel free to 
join this evening at 6pm US Central at council at conference.terrapin.com.


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