[Foundation] JEP-0079: Concerns raised during LAST CALL

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Tue Oct 28 17:19:07 CST 2003

Some members addressed me privately on some issues they have with 
JEP-0079 (AMP).  Because JEP-0079 is currently in LAST CALL, this 
missive is to "officially" register them:

1)  The conditions and actions should be split into a separate document, 
and this document address the protocol required, and the method of 
defining conditions and actions.  I can agree with this, and will make 
the necessary modifications (and JEP submissions) subsequently.

2)  Before this JEP go any further, we first need a JEP to define the 
path from one entity to another.  I will attempt to publish one possible 
mechanism of determining this, unless someone else wishes to step up to 
the task.

3)  The namespace used for the <stream:features/> and for disco-ing 
conditions and actions should be the same.  This seems to be a rather 
minor point, and should be easily addressed.

If anyone else has issues or concerns, please raise them immediately.

Thank you,


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