[Foundation] proposal: enlightened light bulb

Ulrich B. Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Wed Oct 29 13:43:31 CST 2003

Change in the jsf logo the current light bulb (which does emit no 
light)  into a radiating, light emighting bulb.

expected result:
brightens up the overall appearance of JSF pr material, including 
website, press releases (pdf) and t-shirts. corresponds to a message 
similar to 'the next step' or simply 'progress' ( bulb -> lightened 
bulb). jabber is showed as 'better' than other bulb logo carriers, due 
to the fact that many other bulbs are not lit, too.
Jabber is recognized as online.

impact analysis:
t-shirts showing the lightened jabber logo will have to be printed 
(costs only exists after the first t-shirts are sold and new shirts are 
printed ), {btw, the t-shirts could be announced on the new xmpp.org 
website ... }.
redesigning the logos in all different resolutions and on light and dark 


Matthew A. Miller wrote:

> Please provide a complete description of the purpose, terms 
> (specifically "enlightened" in this context), expected result, and 
> impact analysis (including financial).  It is impossible to back 
> anything this vague.
> -  LW
> Ulrich B. Staudinger wrote:
>> i hereby propose the change of the current light bulb into an 
>> enlightened light bulb.
>> someone backening?
>> ulrich
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