[Foundation] "Jabber" name again

Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Thu Oct 16 16:13:19 CDT 2003

> LOL.  You seriously think they would even CONSIDER such an idea as
> renaming J. inc.???  I'm going to pretend that was a joke and address
> the rest of your concerns.
Nope, I'm not kidding. Maybe I'm being naive but I'm really not kidding.
Why would considering a namechange for Jabber Inc be a joke while there
was a vote on a JSF namechange a few months ago? IMO the name of the
JSF really isn't the problem here and changing the name of the JSF won't
anything. The 'thing' that's causing all the fuss over and over again is the
that there is a commercial entity that is gaining quite a bit from all the
we are putting into Jabber. For me, personally, that's not really a problem.
at the moment anyway, I'm not creating any commercial XMPP/Jabber
products, yet. But IMO it's pretty easy to see that there is a problem. I
was pretty
shocked when I read Jason's resignation mail, mainly because the marketing
consisted of 90% Jason and Peter and what Jabber really needs is marketing,
not 10 new JEPs a week :D

So yes, we can just stop talking about all these business/political issues
and just
go back to our terminals and code but what will that lead to? A superior
Who cares about superior products in the real world? :D I've only seen a few
managers and endusers that care about superior products or about superior
like 'openness' and 'standardization' ;)

IMO marketing is something that Jabber really lacks a _lot_ and it's
something that
the competition has in enormous quantities. Just producing something
superior will
not get you anyware and to get some decent marketing and to motivate other
companies (like Winfessor et al) it would be _great_ if the Jabber name
tainted (excusez le mot) by the commercial Jabber Inc that's a direct
of most companies that are using Jabber/XMPP technology.

BTW I'm pretty curious what the Jabber Inc. people are thinking of this
discussion about the Jabber name.

About the 'proof of lost revenues', IMO that's a kind of moot point. I also
leave proving
the existence of gravity to the theorists ;) I'm more a practical kind of
guy :D In other
words; for me it's very trivial that Jabber Inc is gaining from all the
Jabber publicity

Regarding an email about a UK consumer magazine. IMO this whole JSF vs
Jabber Inc
vs XMPP stuff is not that relevant to consumers because Jabber Inc is aiming
at the
corporate users/entities. It's no point of a consumer magazine to mention
Jabber Inc
as long as they don't try to explain the relationship between

Anyway, IMO it's pretty obvious that a solution of some kind would be nice.
It would
keep companies like Winfessor, Jive Software and other companies closely
linked to
the JSF and that would help with the promotion of 'Jabber' which would mean
a gain
for all of us. Just saying; "ah, they shouldn't whine" will get us nowhere
IMO. It's not
just one person that's 'whining', it's not even just one company.

(don't know what this message is going to look like, have to use Outlook
Express on
a PC that's not mine, haven't really checked any settings :D)

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