[Members] Where to Discuss JEPs the Right Way

CORVOYSIER David FTRD/DMI/REN david.corvoysier at francetelecom.com
Thu Apr 8 04:39:50 CDT 2004

Peter, Sebastiaan, I agree with you: 

- second or nay is not enough and when I would like to have the
opportunity to ask the kind of questions you suggested (and perhaps
provide a few lines of comments as suggested also).

- I think too it would be a good idea to let the council decide whether
a JEP gets a number assigned or not (it would hopefully reduce the
number of deferred or obsoleted JEPs).

- I however think that the overall process shouldn't be too formal and
that the step to gain access to the JEP process shouldn't be too high,
otherwise we may end up with no JEPs at all (Should we define something
like the internet drafts written outside of a WG, that are only attached
to their author ?)


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