[Members] JSF voting results

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Apr 28 15:20:21 CDT 2004

Results of the recent voting are available here:


In short, the following 5 individuals are accepted as JSF members for
the next 12 months:

    * Marco Balmer
    * Srinivas Chakravarty
    * Marc Derricutt
    * Edwin Mons
    * Chris Mullins

If you are a new member, please introduce yourself.

The following applicants were not accepted but are welcome to apply 
in the future:

    * Stephan Hermann
    * Santosh Kadam

The following 5 JSF members eligible for re-election did not re-apply 
and therefore will be dropped from the membership:

    * Don Bergal
    * Ashvil D'Costa
    * Matt Mankins
    * Damian Saez
    * Mariusz Smykula

The following JSF members have missed the last three votes and therefore
will be dropped from the membership:

    * Ragavan Srinivasan

As a result of these changes, the JSF now has 71 members.

I will make the appropriate changes to the membership list now.


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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