[Members] Self Introduction: Mark Derricutt

Mark Derricutt mark at talios.com
Thu Apr 29 06:15:11 CDT 2004

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>     * Marc Derricutt

Howdy all, may as well get this self-intro thing out of the way, gonna 
use the Fedora style ( http://www.fedora.us/wiki/SelfIntroduction ) self 
intro standard format, standards are good - but all you XMPPers know 
that already.

Full Legal Name:	Mark Philip Derricutt
Country, City:		New Zealand, Auckland
Profession:		Developer
Company:		Bulletin Wireless
Blog:			http://www.talios.com
Jid:			talios at myjabber.net
   - Advocacy and promoition of Jabber
   - Systems Integration
   - Transport / Client / Server developer
Historical Jabber Guff:
   - Have been using and promoting the use of Jabber for the past 6 or 
so years
   - Worked on a Jabber/GRPS based taxi dispatch system, writing a 
custom kylix client, and XMPP library ( licensing issues precluded using 
pgm's library at the time ).
   - Currently working on an SMS tranport utilizing Bulletin's ( my 
employers ) SOAP gateway and SMPP infrastructure and trying to integrate 
XMPP into our applications ( the integrations easy, getting the OK to do 
it is another thing ).
   - Looking into an anti-spam JEP, although the more I look at it, 
XMPP's nature and design limits the proliferation of IM spam.  Still, it 
would be good to 'head things off at the pass', need to read up some 
other JEPs that already exist and touch on the subject as well.

Think thats all for now, thanks for having me, theres coffee and 
biscuits in the corner, please sign the guest book on the way out.


Discouragement is a dissatisfaction with the past, a distaste for the
present, and a distrust of the future - Maree De Jong, CLCA.

Mark Derricutt   ---   mark@ talios.com   ---   http://www.talios.com

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