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>>Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>>>    * Marc Derricutt
>>Howdy all, may as well get this self-intro thing out of the 
>>way, gonna 
>>use the Fedora style ( 
>>http://www.fedora.us/wiki/SelfIntroduction ) self 
>>intro standard format, standards are good - but all you XMPPers know 
>>that already.
>>Full Legal Name:	Mark Philip Derricutt
>>Country, City:		New Zealand, Auckland
>>Profession:		Developer
>>Company:		Bulletin Wireless
>>			http://www.bulletinwireless.com
>>Blog:			http://www.talios.com
>>Jid:			talios at myjabber.net
>>   - Advocacy and promoition of Jabber
>>   - Systems Integration
>>   - Transport / Client / Server developer
>>Historical Jabber Guff:
>>   - Have been using and promoting the use of Jabber for the 
>>past 6 or 
>>so years
>>   - Worked on a Jabber/GRPS based taxi dispatch system, writing a 
>>custom kylix client, and XMPP library ( licensing issues 
>>precluded using 
>>pgm's library at the time ).
>>   - Currently working on an SMS tranport utilizing Bulletin's ( my 
>>employers ) SOAP gateway and SMPP infrastructure and trying 
>>to integrate 
>>XMPP into our applications ( the integrations easy, getting 
>>the OK to do 
>>it is another thing ).
>>   - Looking into an anti-spam JEP, although the more I look at it, 
>>XMPP's nature and design limits the proliferation of IM spam. 
>> Still, it 
>>would be good to 'head things off at the pass', need to read up some 
>>other JEPs that already exist and touch on the subject as well.
>>Think thats all for now, thanks for having me, theres coffee and 
>>biscuits in the corner, please sign the guest book on the way out.
>>Discouragement is a dissatisfaction with the past, a distaste for the
>>present, and a distrust of the future - Maree De Jong, CLCA.
>>Mark Derricutt   ---   mark@ talios.com   ---   http://www.talios.com
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