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johannes.wagener at gmx.net johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Thu Dec 16 12:28:38 CST 2004

In most points I agree with Julian. In fact the jabber "communicty" 
is spread in maybe too many projects.

Maybe we should ask the question: "What do we want?"
We wanted to create a standart protocol for IM and presence. We did 
this now.

Do we want more? Yes, we want to use applications that use jabber 
protocol and do all the things we want them to do (Gogo Gadget).

But the world is split, so are the developers. In my opinion there 
are too many different projects - wasting work in many small 
incomplete projects (that will all die a lonely death).

We should now ask the question: "How to organize effective 
application development?"

I think for this one of the main issues is to make a STANDART for 
jabber development, for example one jabber lib that offers standart 
Application Programming Interface for many platforms (c++, php, 
VB...). This development environment should reduce the work for a 
developer to minimum and should integrate in OS smoothly. For example 
developer should not have to care about account creation/account 
setup itself but rather use system's/user's default jabber account. I 
tried to tackle such a system with the XMPP Client Deamon 
Whatever I wont be able to do such a complete projects for all the 
platforms and features myself. I am aware that I can't force ppl to 
join my own project. But of course I would accept to joind such a 
project myself and integrade the stuff I already did in it.

I want to create such a group. I want a group that all the current 
jabber library developers join to integrate their ideas and code in 
one complete big good lib.


On 16 Dec 2004 at 8:45, Rottenberg, Hal wrote:

> Been having some words with my Psi peers, and discussing some things
> through Julian's "Jabber Vision" post
> (http://missig.org/julian/blog/2004/11/27/jabber-vision/).  Has everyone
> read this?  Please do so.
> I think we should be discussing it here.
> Regards, 
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