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Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Thu Dec 16 13:38:33 CST 2004

> What about a JSF-certification process ? developers could submit their
> software for review by the JSF, which could check
> documentation, JEPs-compliance, etc and then award a certification, and
> advertise certified software on its website.

I wish you better luck of this proposal than I had when I put it 
forward about six months ago on jdev. ;)

Seriously, what I found was that a lot of client authors were up in 
arms about who should set what's 'required' or 'recommended' to achieve 
a certification.  Many were furious over the idea that they might have 
to add a feature which didn't interest them.  And I got some vehement 
responses, both on and off the jdev list, about people being open 
source developers and doing it in their spare time and it therefore 
being unfair to require them to implement specific things in order to 
be on the JSF's download list. :/

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