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johannes.wagener at gmx.net johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Fri Dec 17 05:08:40 CST 2004

About how to integrate jabber into OS+desktop.

On 17 Dec 2004 at 11:19, Bart van Bragt wrote:

> If I look at the people
> that I know video/voice is starting to become more and more 
> Lots of people are buying webcams at the moment (ok, mostly the 16 
> girls :D). But I'm also using Skype to stay in contact with some 
> when it's too expensive to use the phone. Works perfectly, should 
> perfectly with Jabber too IMO. But implementing this is pretty hard 
so I
> think just integrating a library/application with the already 
> clients is the way to go. Client developers have too much work to 
do as it
> is, adding voice/video would be a very large extra burden if they 
all had
> to start from scratch.

That is what I mean, too much work for single developers. therefor we 
should create a desktop/system integration for jabber that must do 
the following things:
- manage/register users's default account
- offer an easy to use API that matchs smoothly into the OS.

wouldn't it be great to show available users (your roster) in ms 
Internet Explorer or firefox at xmpp://roster ?
wouldn't it be great to make the Windows Scripting Host / javascript 
to access your default account and send xmpp messages?
wouldn't integrate std: XMPP API more easily with std: 

for this we need a working group and standarD XMPP libraries that 
integrate into OS.

Here is an overview of XCD and the idea behind it...

of course the final architecture can be discussed - if there are 
others interested in a std: lib.

regards, Johannes

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