[Members] Is this thing on?

Gino Micacchi ginomi at tipic.com
Sun Dec 19 04:36:29 CST 2004

Hi all,

Quoting Peter:

> The bigger challenge will be to write the certification software.

This can be a matter now, but we could modify the JEP procedure to require a
reference implementation (RI) and a test toolkit/unit (TTK) to validate
apps, servers and libs to a particular JEP.
This step of course require defining a standard reference implementation for
both client and server, to be used on the RI/TTK definiton and for the final
validation of clients/servers.
For example, if I propose and get approved a new JEP "message-in-a-bottle
tunneling for jabber", I must provide a reference implementation and a test
unit based on modifications to the reference client and server, allowing
other clients to be tested against the reference server+RI and vice-versa
for other servers...
This will require a lot of work on JEP, but will grant us the protocol
should being more stable and standardized. 



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