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Gino Micacchi ginomi at tipic.com
Sun Feb 1 10:28:17 CST 2004

Dear All,

I'm very glad to be with you here, now, to work to the evolution of
XMPP/Jabber. Like Yuexiang, my primary interest is in the adoption of XMPP
as protocol for presence an IM for the mobile/wireless world. Mobile
comunication will become more and more prevasive in our life; new networks,
new devices, new tecnologies, but the same need to communicate: this is my
personal vision of what we can today and tomorrow. 
Well, sorry for the digression, now I'll start to talk about me: I'm 25 year
old, I got my Degree in Telecommunication Engineering pas year; I work as
research scientist at CINI ITEM Lab, which mean National Inter-Universitary
Consortium for Computer Science, a National research centre located in
Italy, Neaples. As my primary interest, I work to Location solution for
mobile devices, and other mobile-related stuff, using Jabber as a
context-aware content delivery framework (extendeding the jabber Presence
with Location info).
I work also as a Consultant for Tipic Inc.: I was the developer of TipicME
(the Tipic J2ME/Symbian XMPP client), and I'm now working to advanced
services for mobile devices as a supervisor.
I hope to share soon with you my experience with Jabber in the mobile

Gino Micacchi

- Gino Micacchi ----------------------------
- Wireless dev. and Mobile Solutions
- Tipic Inc.
- Jabber id & email:   ginomi at tipic.com

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