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Trejkaz Xaoza trejkaz at xaoza.net
Mon Feb 2 00:18:36 CST 2004

(Prescript: I would have got this out earlier but TMDA quarantined the mailing list
 and I only just released it. :-)

My [true] name is Daniel Noll and I hail from Sydney, Australia.  Although, online I
more often use the alias you see in my email headers. At the moment I work as a senior
software engineer for a company working on various XML document management solutions.
Let's just say the chunks of XML we're working with are a lot bigger than a stanza.  ;-D

In the past, though, I've been email 'big brother' software developer, game applet
developer, and have moved around forever trying to find the right role.  I'm sure
anyone else in software development knows the drill.  From job to job, ideas on developing
things 'better' than what the company I'm working for is writing keep cropping up, and
since the companies have rarely had time for new ideas, I typically end up implementing
them myself, getting really zealous about them for perhaps six months, and then throwing
the idea away, or losing interest.

Jabber seems to be the exception to that rule, the interest having persisted through
at least three jobs now, with no hope of fading.  :-)

I have a 'weekend' job which _is_ Jabber-related, but which I can't speak of until
permission is released by the company I'm working for.  Rest assured as soon as we
get the permission you'll hear all about it. :-)

I run a public server, jabber.zim.net.au, vhosted as my vanity domain jabber.xaoza.net.

I'm a passionate user of Linux (currently a Gentoo zealot) and KDE, and addicted
to the awesome Psi Jabber client.  I lost some of the interest in my own pJab project
because Psi's portability is about as good as my own client's would have been, and the
ideas of how encryption should be done in Jabber are in continuous flux.

I have a number of JEP ideas in my head which relate to various small programs I've
experimented with from time to time, and I hope to find the time to put the effort
into documenting them, even if they get rejected or I end up withdrawing them,
there is still the satisfaction of getting the ideas out there.

I'll stop there I think... once again, thanks for letting me in! :-D


'Every sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic' - Arthur C Clarke
'Every sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology' - Tom Graves

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