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Tony Yat-Tung Cheung tony.cheung at asiayeah.com
Tue Feb 3 21:30:30 CST 2004

Hi Tony Bamonti,

In terms of Jabber and SIP, I could certainly share my thoughts.

SIP has strong momentum inside the VoIP industry and is certainly going 
to stay and evolute for the next 5 to 10 years. SIP is flexible enough 
that it is capable for any kind of session invitations or 
establishments, and as we all know they also have a strong 
standardization efforts in SIMPLE, an IM extension of SIP. On the other 
hand, XMPP started as a very strong and solid IM protocol of Jabber, and 
is ideal for transporting information between two points.

In the short term, there should be a need for integration between the 
two systems. There are already some gateways for SIMPLE and XMPP/Jabber, 
both in the commerical and open-source world. However, we might need 
some documents for addressing this issue as well.

In coming years, unified or converaged communications are getting more 
popular, there is a strong need to have a single communication system. 
In order to have values for two protocols to co-exist in the long term, 
the two protocols should complement each other in terms of features or 

I have experienced several good immediate advantages of XMPP/Jabber, 
which must be kept.

   1. Recently, the SIP industry has been facing some interoperability
      issues between SIP products of different vendors, given the
      complexity of their protocols. Due to the simplicity design of the
      XMPP, we seldom have many serious interoperability issues between
      XMPP/Jabber products. 
   2. In terms of ease of implementations, XMPP/Jabber certainly beats
      the SIMPLE. Chatopus is a good example, you could hardly find a
      SIMPLE client any time on the Palm OS platform soon.

However, the above are certainly not enough. I believe XMPP/Jabber 
should have something that SIP/SIMPLE does not offer. This may include,

   1. Other types of data applications, such as news feed, stock
      quotes...etc. There are some prototypes of this kind of services,
      but we need to build up the user momentum, as we did for Jabber.
   2. Peer-to-peer (maybe)
   3. Wireless, carrier integration, location-based service (SIP is also
      working in this area, but neither of the protocols are mature in
      this area yet)
   4. ...etc

Thank you. Any thought is welcomed.

Best Regards,
Tony Cheung

Tony Bamonti wrote:

>Welcome to the JSF Tony.   Chatopus is a fine example of innovative
>application and extension of XMPP/Jabber.  Looking forward to your
>participation in the on-going evolution of the technology.  I'd also be
>interested in your thoughts on the integration and/or co-existence of SIP
>and XMPP?
>Best Regards,
>Tony Bamonti
>JSF Board Member
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>Hi All,
>I am very glad to be part of the JSF.
>In my leisure time, I have developed Chatopus, a mobile Jabber client on 
>the Palm OS platform.  I am sure Chatopus has introduced Jabber to many 
>Palm users, who have not been exposed to Jabber before.  Chatopus is 
>available at http://www.chatopus.com. Although Chatopus is not an 
>open-source project, I am very glad to discuss any of the design and 
>implementation issues of it and the Jabber protocol in general.
>My current interest is the mobile applications on Jabber and make sure 
>Jabber works best in wireless environment as well as wireline environment.
>I also work in a research institute in Hong Kong and my project is a 
>SIP-baed VoIP system.
>Best Regards,
>Tony Cheung
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