[Members] Re: [Foundation] Jabber.org Client Chart

Rottenberg, Hal hal.rottenberg at hp.com
Fri Feb 27 09:56:56 CST 2004

> What I think would be cool is a site (not sure jabber.org is the right
> place, but maybe it is) where people can review Jabber 
> clients, so that
> users can find out what others like and dislike.

Yes, this is a very good idea.  I think the best way to do this would be
to enhance jabberstudio.org to hold JEP compliance data within the
project schema.  For those projects that are hosted at JS, it's a
one-stop shop, plus you already have the links between JS and
jabber.org.  If a project is not fully hosted at JS, the author can
still get a project created that points to their website

By doing this at JS.org, you also get the extra benefit of being able to
take this one step further to have JEP compliance data for the servers
and other projects hosted at jabberstudio.

As far as the implementation, I'm imagining a table layout including the
JEP #, name, a star for compliance (like the current table, can be
half-filled), and a comment field for notes.  And of course the author
owns this table and it would be their responsibility to update it, not
PSA (less work for you!).  Put some basic sorting and filtering features
that would include the other data we already know from the current
schema, such as platform or license.  Viola.

Hal Rottenberg
OTSC Deployment Engineer

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