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Gino Micacchi ginomi at tipic.com
Fri Feb 27 11:05:21 CST 2004

I agree, I think it's a good idea. BTW, if we have a way to show the
compliance of a client/server with a Jep, we also need a role (the JEP
author? The client/server developer?) which will be responsible for the



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> > What I think would be cool is a site (not sure jabber.org 
> is the right 
> > place, but maybe it is) where people can review Jabber clients, so 
> > that users can find out what others like and dislike.
> Yes, this is a very good idea.  I think the best way to do 
> this would be to enhance jabberstudio.org to hold JEP 
> compliance data within the project schema.  For those 
> projects that are hosted at JS, it's a one-stop shop, plus 
> you already have the links between JS and jabber.org.  If a 
> project is not fully hosted at JS, the author can still get a 
> project created that points to their website
> By doing this at JS.org, you also get the extra benefit of 
> being able to take this one step further to have JEP 
> compliance data for the servers and other projects hosted at 
> jabberstudio.
> As far as the implementation, I'm imagining a table layout 
> including the JEP #, name, a star for compliance (like the 
> current table, can be half-filled), and a comment field for 
> notes.  And of course the author owns this table and it would 
> be their responsibility to update it, not PSA (less work for 
> you!).  Put some basic sorting and filtering features that 
> would include the other data we already know from the current 
> schema, such as platform or license.  Viola.
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