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Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Fri Feb 27 15:38:32 CST 2004

Considering Hal is involved with Psi, he is probably talking about Iris, the 
XMPP library that Psi uses:

While at the moment the library is mainly just usable for clients, it does 
have some groundwork for server stuff.  There are client/server demos in CVS, 
and in the future these could be useful for compliance testing.

No formal release or promotion of Iris has been made yet, as I don't think it 
is ready for that.  There's a lot I still need/want to do.  Maybe in 6 
months. :)


On Friday 27 February 2004 1:14 pm, JD Conley wrote:
> I'm not sure who you were hinting at Hal, but we are continually working
> on a client/server library.  From the looks of the librarylist page we
> have the only server enabled library.  That can't be right. . .
> Winfessor's SoapBox Framework supports both the client and server side
> of the XMPP protocol.  Part of the server framework is not yet released,
> but our server is built on it.  The only major area of XMPP Core/IM we
> don't yet support is Privacy Lists.  We actually had to add a
> "non-strict" mode into our server as it was rejecting packets from
> non-compliant clients and was unuseable in the wild.  We support a
> fairly large number of JEPs, and the number is continually increasing.
> Obviously there are some areas of the framework that could be
> non-compliant, but we have been pretty careful when building it.
> We have a very large number of unit tests that we use to regression test
> our server and framework that already do much of the work involved in
> compliance testing.  For example, we test all of the edge cases dealing
> with Roster/Presence integration (a hairy area) against the server.  We
> might be able to fit this into JSF compliance testing some how.
> JD Conley
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> > > I agree, I think it's a good idea. BTW, if we have a way to show the
> > > compliance of a client/server with a Jep, we also need a
> >
> > role (the JEP
> >
> > > author? The client/server developer?) which will be
> > > responsible for the
> > > test.
> >
> > Yup, there would need to be a test suite.  Maybe a project
> > could come of
> > it that would consist of a barebones client and server lib
> > that would be
> > a reference authors could test against.  (Hmmm, who do I know that's
> > working on a combination client and server lib?)
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