[Members] FW: [News] JSF: Membership Application Period

Daniel Chote daniel at chote.net
Thu Jul 1 12:52:19 CDT 2004

I would like to formally withdraw from the JSF. 


Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>As just announced, the JSF's quarterly application period is now open.
>In accordance with Section 2.9 of the JSF's bylaws [1], existing members
>must reapply for membership every 12 months. Therefore the following
>members MUST re-apply by July 14 in order to retain their membership for
>the next 12 months:
>Michael Bauer
>Daniel Chote
>Dave Cohen
>Richard Dobson
>Ryan Eatmon
>Joe Hildebrand
>Lukasz Karwacki
>Justin Kirby
>Jacek Konieczny
>Barry Lee
>Stephen Lee
>Jeremy Lunn
>Ralph Meijer
>Peter Millard
>Jeremie Miller
>Matthew Miller
>Julian Missig
>Thomas Muldowney
>Robert Norris
>Marco Palombi
>Nicholas Perez
>Michail Pishchagin
>Mike Prince
>Martin Rogard
>Peter Saint-Andre
>Jean-Louis Seguineau
>Jonathan Siegle
>Dave Smith
>Bart van Bragt
>David Waite
>Haohua Xu
>(This is an especially large list because it includes everyone who was 
>admitted in 2001 -- the founding members.)
>If your name is not on this list, DO NOT reapply now -- your time will
>come soon enough. ;-)
>And naturally, feel free to tell your developer friends and other
>contributors to the Jabber community about this opportunity if you 
>think they would make good members of the JSF.
>Feel free to chat with me on Jabber if you have any questions.
>[1] http://www.jabber.org/jsf/bylaws.php
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>JSF: Membership Application Period
>The Jabber Software Foundation's quarterly application period is now
>open. Active contributors to the Jabber community are encouraged to
>apply for JSF membership through July 14.
>URL: http://www.jabber.org/members/apply.php
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