[Members] Re: [Foundation] Jabber.org Client Chart

Rottenberg, Hal hal.rottenberg at hp.com
Mon Mar 1 09:22:45 CST 2004

> I'm not sure who you were hinting at Hal, but we are 
> continually working
> on a client/server library.  From the looks of the librarylist page we
> have the only server enabled library.  That can't be right. . .

Justin was right, it was a little inside joke for him.  :)

> We have a very large number of unit tests that we use to 
> regression test
> our server and framework that already do much of the work involved in
> compliance testing.  For example, we test all of the edge 
> cases dealing
> with Roster/Presence integration (a hairy area) against the 
> server.  We
> might be able to fit this into JSF compliance testing some how.

This is the type of thing I was thinking about.  Is your testing
automated?  What would be nice is if there were two standard suites of
tests, client and server, that are freely available for developers to
benchmark their software against.

Hal Rottenberg
OTSC Deployment Engineer

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