[Members] Motion for Last Call on JEP 88

Marshall Rose mrose+mtr.jsf at dbc.mtview.ca.us
Thu Mar 18 06:57:43 CST 2004

> ...
> Not all programming languages or client designs 
> can support webtabs.  I know that Tk sucks just enough that it doesn't 
> have an html renderer.  Nor can it encapsulate another window and make 
> it appear as part of the application.
i think we're getting far afield here (certainly the version of tk that
i'm using does those things), but i don't think that's the relevant
point, which is actually:
> Plus, how do you handle command line clients?  There is no GUI with 
> which to display HTML.
> My fear about making this a standard is that it's a standard that not 
> everyone can meet.

well, that is the problem, isn't it: how to do bitmapped stuff when the
client is a text-only CLI.

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