JEP types (was: Re: [Members] Motion for Last Call on JEP 88)

Rottenberg, Hal hal.rottenberg at
Wed Mar 24 09:00:16 CST 2004

> In order to define which protocols must be implemented, I 
> think it is worth bringing back the Protocol Suite JEPs:
> JEP-0073: Basic IM Protocol Suite
> JEP-0117: Advanced IM Protocol Suite
> Publishing these would assist developers in knowing which 
> protocols they really need to implement, and which protocols 
> are optional.

Peter, I totally agree.  How do we move forward on this?  Is this
something on your plate already?  Somewhat related, what is the status
of one of the JEP-0117 requirements, XHTML-IM?  


Hal Rottenberg

Operations Technical Support Center - Deployment 
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