[Members] MOTION: JEP-0106 (JID Escaping)

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Mar 25 11:39:45 CST 2004

> What about ALL of the legacy clients that folks still use that do the
> JID escaping?? Are you going to somehow force folks to upgrade (which in a
> corporate environment is not always easy)?

Well AFAIK this only really impacts the MSN transport, also this should not
affect current clients as I have yet to see a client that specially handles
MSN transport addresses in any kind of special way (although im perfectly
willing to stand corrected on this if there are clients that have code to
handle MSN transport addresses, and which could not easily be changed). Also
I would question how many corporate environments that have a jabber
installation would even allow the use of any other IM, let alone the MSN

> If I'm understanding you correctly,
> your saying we should use URI escaping because "everyone already does

No because its a published standard, I was under the impression that as a
community we are trying to reuse existing standards as much as we can like
SOCKS5, SASL etc etc.

> we don't care about backwards compatibility??? That just doesn't make
sense. As
> a community, we've ALWAYS strived to maintain backwards compat, and to
> it here just for the sake of being able to re-use code that is down-right
> trivial to create is crazy. Do you have other arguments for not seeing
this JEP
> move forward?

As I said it causes short term problems but IMO its worth the effort in the
long term, also this is about far more than code reuse, its about deviating
from widely established standards just to fix a bad implementation decision
in a single component, IMO allowing bad implementation decisions to dictate
what we can and cant do as far as standardising things is crazy, as is
deviating from widely established standards and creating "quick fixes", IMO
its a very bad precident to create and could encourage this kind of thing
happening in the future.

> IMO, I also disagree with your assesment that folks are going to "quickly"
> migrate to jabberd2. It's a non-trivial task to move a large installation
> jabber.org) over to the new sever. Folks are going to continue to use
> until they need something that j2 offers, or security problems are found
> 1.4.2/3.

I didnt say they would quickly migrate, but they will have to at some stage
to support the final XMPP protocol.


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