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Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Wed Aug 24 08:03:31 CDT 2005

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Continuing my life long pursuit of civil disobedience along with a
suggestion made on my blog about PetitionOnline.com, I put together the
following two paragraphs to be used on a petition:

- -- Begin --
Dear Google,

With the launch of Google Talk we applaud your use of XMPP/Jabber, but
there's one thing you got wrong: the entire spirit of Jabber was to be
completely federated. Google Talk is not federated! By not enabling
server-to-server connections Google Talk is not in the spirit of Jabber.
It is effectively an island just like AOL, Yahoo, and Microsoft's
instant messaging services.

By riding on the backs of the Jabber community with Google Talk, we the
community deserve to see our protocol used the way it was designed--by
being openly federated. This is our plea, our demand to have the
server-to-server switch flipped so every other Jabber user can talk to
their friends and colleagues on Google Talk.
- -- End --

I stopped when I came to their community URL. Anyone have any qualms
about making this an official JSF petition to Google?

- - Nolan

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