[Members] Jabber Software Map

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Dec 2 04:47:38 CST 2005

Hi Ulrich,

Ulrich Staudinger schrieb:

>A -1 from my side, i think it's not cool and easy to use. I think users
>with accounts on j.o should immediately be able to register at that
>service of j.o, too. 

No, I agree with Peter and some others. The web server should not get 
access to the Jabber account passwords of jabber.org. The web server has 
been broken twice in the past, and I am not sure, that it might not 
happen again. It would be a very bad thing, if when the webserver has 
been broken the next time, that all passwords might be stolen as well.

And isn't JEP-0070 what we require to solve the problem?

>Users of other servers would require to register at j.o, which would
>bring more users to j.o jabberd itself. 

Is it our goal to get all users on jabber.org, or do you want to promote 
an open network with many servers?

Tot kijk

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