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Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Fri Dec 2 07:16:45 CST 2005

Ulrich Staudinger wrote:
> Having a server where users can  im and use web site services with one
> and the same account is not the same as promoting one central server. 
> Being able to login in IM and on the web is just strengthening a site. 
> We are not saying "Hey, all use jabber.org for xmpp messaging, all other
> server are no good!", we are only leveraging the jabber technology, we
> are using the user directory of the jabber server to provide a
> personalized service for end users and developers. 

We're not leveraging Jabber at all with this. We might as well install 
OpenLDAP on a machine and call it a day. We can do better. If you're 
writing Jabber software you should already have an account somewhere, 
and JIDs are pretty tough to fake. Let's use that fact.

The software map or any web site just needs to verify that you are who 
you say you are. It can do that by sending a message to your JID that 
you then reply to. If that's not enough, the software map's auth bot can 
check the reply's signature to see if it matches.

Here's some steps:
   1. Enter JID at site.
   2. Site checks presence and if you're online it sends a message 
asking if you want to login.
   3. You say you do.
   4. The site refreshes the page after a time limit, and if you've 
replied by then you get logged in.
   5. End of story.

> I think providing a common login to j.o for users registered at IM-j.o
> is simply out of discussion - if we want to enhance the j.o site we
> will need personalized services sooner or later anyway. 

So let's do it the Jabber way and demonstrate how we use Jabber to the 

- Nolan

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