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Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Fri Dec 2 07:48:48 CST 2005

On Fri, Dec 02, 2005 at 08:35:23AM -0500, Nolan Eakins wrote:
> Ulrich Staudinger wrote:
> >Yeah, but just due to simplicity. We could of course distribute the
> >afore mentioned auth-component that does allow jid/pwd verification
> >through http to other server vendors to build a global JID
> >identification network, like Microsoft's passport but distributed. 
> Hmm...and why should this be done over HTTP?


I would *very* much like to have this working with XMPP , through some
plain <iq> loop and *without* user interference or with as little as

Ie. first time, user's server: "Hey user, server XY is requesting permission
to validate your password, do you want to trust this server and grant
permission to validate your password against the one in my storage? ",
user replies: "Yes, please always!", "Yes, please only once", "No,
thanks.". ) 

So the user's home server has some sort of a permission table for a user
and only allowed server's may deliver jid/pwd tuples for validation
through the home server. 

Anyway, that's quite a long run to achieve this ... 
The nice http-component that does an sql-select on the authreg table and
returns true or false if a, delivered for validation, jid/pwd combo
matches is much easier to get as soon as possible. :-)

> >Have fun, 
> I am. :-)

Me too :-)


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