[Members] Jabber Software Map

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Fri Dec 2 09:27:30 CST 2005

> I still like the idea of having a web form input causing a token to be
> sent to your JID.
> Enter your JID: bob at bob.com <submit>
> ---
> "Hi, please click on this link to continue:
> http://software.jabber.org/cp/randomtokenstringhere"
> ---
> How can we make this work without introducing vulnerabilities?

We just need to plug in a component into the jabber server with a plain
http interface (no one really wants to tell me that a php script should
login as a bot to send one message and log out afterwards, does one?)
to get called from php or jsp. 

In fact that component exists already, propably in several
implementations ... (can provide pointers...)

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