[Members] Voting criteria

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Fri May 6 00:06:42 CDT 2005

[This email is a ramble. I'm not sure if it makes a point.]

So I've just finished voting for another round of prospective Foundation
members. And like previous rounds, almost everyone gets an automatic
"yes" - the only ones who miss out are the folks who have provided next
to no information, and Google reveals nothing about their Jabber related

I have no real way to tell who makes a good Foundation member and who
doesn't. I made up my own criteria, because I have to measure against
something, but really, its crap. Hell, I doubt I'd measure up, since I
haven't done anything for almost a year, and while I do have some Jabber
stuff on my plate at my workplace, its having a hard time climbing my
list of priorities, and may not yield any publically-available results

What do people measure new applicants against? Any bright ideas for
formalising something? We've been over this numerous times in the past,
when discussing what the point of Foundation membership is. Do we need
to have that discussion again?


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