[Members] Voting criteria

Mark Derricutt mark at talios.com
Fri May 6 00:38:11 CDT 2005

Robert Norris wrote:

>What do people measure new applicants against? Any bright ideas for
>formalising something? We've been over this numerous times in the past,
>when discussing what the point of Foundation membership is. Do we need
>to have that discussion again?
I seem to be in the unfortunate position to be on the list of people up 
for re-newal, but due to a mailserver rebuild/crash lost alot of mail 
and didn't become aware of this untill it was too late.

However, I've also not been as active as a JSF member as I initially 
hoped, all the Jabber related code I was hoping to do here at work kinda 
got thrown out the window with other work getting in the way, which 
somewhat sucks as I was looking forward to it.

Whats the point?  Promoting Jabber/XMPP, furthering standards/specs and 
the code that fits with it, or anything jabber related I guess.  Or is 
it merely a status symbol?  As being a JSF member isn't a prerequesite 
to promoting, and/or furthering the use of XMPP/Jabber in ones 
organisation, or local IT society.

Part of me sees it as one might see member to say "New Zealand Computer 
Society" or "Association of Shareware Professionals", which shows your 
afilitation, and shows it in more than just a passing interest.  
Although, JSF is also alot more than that...

Just some rambling thoughts...

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