[Members] Voting criteria

Johannes Wagener johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Tue May 10 03:53:23 CDT 2005

> |it is worth to start another jabber project. My first two projects were
> |simple Jabber Chat Messengers. Even there it was impossible to get enough
> Jabber Chat Messengers...the lack of interest is right there in the
> name. :-)

The name was Skabber and wxSkabber, not "Jabber Chat Messengers" ;)

> | ...KILLER APP and I would be motivated to spend my restricted time in
> | writing code.
> Choosing such a project would be more hassle than it's worth. The best
> way is a voluntary process. The author(s) of an open-source project
> apply to make their project an official JSF project, the members
> and/or council vote on the project, if it's accepted the copyrights
> must be signed over to the JSF, and development continues as it did
> pre-JSF.

Yes you are right, that's what I think, too. Some experienced developers
should think about making such a project (out of their existing code for

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