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Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Tue May 10 15:13:46 CDT 2005

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Hal Rottenberg wrote:

|>>Jabber Chat Messengers...the lack of interest is right there in the
|>>name. :-)
|>The name was Skabber and wxSkabber, not "Jabber Chat Messengers" ;)
|Are you familiar with the word 'scab' in English?  Not very
appealing.  :)

I was going to mention that, but refrained.

|I think is a very cool idea, Nolan.  Perhaps only the Members would be
|able to nominate a program for submission?  That would give us
|something else to do, and keep the Council from having to waste time
|on apps which do not meet a certain predefined criteria.


|I think that criterion #1 would be stict adherence and and
|comprehensive utilization (where applicable) to XMPP & JEPs.
|For example, take a script that simply logs into an account and sends
|a message.  It could be XMPP compliant, yet not implement hardly any
|JEPs since it is a single purpose script.  That could meet the
|criteria above.
|Yet neither a non-XMPP-compliant full-featured jabber client, nor an
|XMPP-compliant client which does not implement Disco (which is in
|JEP-73 Basic IM Suite) would pass.

Are you suggesting that this would in essence become our certification
program that has been talked and talked about? I guess trying out the
programs would give us something to do. Perhaps a JSF official program
should be leveled, ie: platinum, gold, silver, bronze, etc. I suppose
we can iron that out once the first increment is implemented: setting
things up to nominate and vote on programs.

- - Nolan
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