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Johannes Wagener johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Wed May 11 02:45:40 CDT 2005

> Eehm. It's not like the average JSF member is bored and has lots and 
> lots of spare time. IMO there are more productive things that the JSF 
> could do than create even more open-source projects, what would the 
> added value of being an 'official JSF project' be anyway?

Well, why didn't I write Jabber HOWTOS in the last years? Because it doesn't
make fun (for me).

I enjoy writing usefull software. That is why I am interested in such steps
that result in an official JSF software. I write Jabber software just for
fun and I would also offer my current source to become part of such a

And why to make it an official JSF project? 

Because I think the motivation of some sparetime developers to contribute to
an opensource projects increases if it is under control of a demcoratic

There are tons of OS projects (including mine) but they usually remain
single developer projects - because a project that basically remains under
the main control of one single person is not very motivating.

Of course I can speak for me only but I would enjoy contributing. I also
know of many other developers that are interested in jabber software but do
not have the time to continue their half-complete (sometimes even OS)
single-developer projects. 

Ok, what is the way to make the JSF to *decide* to start such a project
where people can suggest software projects and give copy right over?

> IMO doing more marketing would be much, much, much more productive. 

Same with the howtos: what do you expect me to do? Designing Jabber Logos (I
have no idea about gfx)? Promote jabber in my company (I don't work yet but
I told all my friends about jabber)?

Johannes W.

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