[Members] Voting criteria

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Wed May 11 06:25:20 CDT 2005

Bart van Bragt schrieb:

> Ulrich Staudinger wrote:
>> I have to admit that i do not doubt the democratic approach - it's by 
>> far the best approach to bring different opinions together.
> Hmm, is it?

It is if you want to keep people together. A hierarchy is very often 
producing good decisions for a part of a group and bad decisions for the 
rest. (Don't want to go into details here...)

> IMO having a democratic project doesn't attract more developers. Your 
> project just needs to be popular, accessible (documentation, readable 
> code) and there needs to be strong leadership. Having something under 
> the JSF flag doesn't guaranteee any of these points.

It won't attract more developers just because it's democratic - but 
it'll help to create an active community - a community where active 
people can benefit from roles like "opinion leader", "oppositional 
force", "word leader", "activist" and such. Of course a control instance 
like the board could still reject decisions made by the community.

It's just that only a mailing list is not very decision friendly - only 
those which are active discussers tend to decide things for themselve, 
but all those passive readers usually don't respond or react to a thread.


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