[Members] Voting criteria

Johannes Wagener johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Thu May 12 02:23:21 CDT 2005

> Another question would be do we just certify interop or the use of the
> protocol(s). I would also imagine clients would need to be certified
> by hand whereas certification of servers and components could be
> automated, so long as a certified library was used.

For me it would be important to hand over the copyright to the JSF. And by
the way, there are so many talented programmers in the JSF, why not let the
JSF find a project to create under the copyright of the JSF with MIT or
*something* license in a vote? I know that many members of the JSF are
commercials, earn their money with jabber software and fear *any*
competition but if the software is MIT license it might not be a real risk
as they could just take the source for their own closed source stuff. (You
all know about MIT license i guess).

And there are really many very basic "applications" missing for Jabber, in
example a XMPP SDK for windows.

Johannes W.

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