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Johannes Wagener johannes.wagener at gmx.net
Thu May 12 04:16:20 CDT 2005

> Certifications are much better than a favoured client - Certifications 
> can be achieved by everyone - favouring only one project easily produces 
> arousal.

Those two things do not compete... I have nothing against the
certifications, I even really like it and I would even help with the
certification thing out as I told you a few months ago here in Munich.

> >> And once you have that going, why not measure the popularity of
> >> projects (like Sourceforge)?  That would certainly favor the good
> >> projects over the bad, and that is a good thing.
> >
> ;-)
> Some projects on sourceforge are not that good, they are just on the top 
> list. I.e. the D20 Dice Generator, which had incredible tens of 
> thousands page impressions per day and a couple of thousand downloads 
> per day. The stats on SF are easy to cheat - just start a hit generator 
> and you get up on the list.

Yes, sure. But comeon, we are just a few people in the JSF, we can find
projects that most will like. I just say that XMPP exists for several years
now. And there are hundrets of Jabber/XMPP solutions out there. Most are not
XMPP compliant anymore, many abandoned, many commercial but there is none
that integrates into OS very well. We all expect XMPP to be THE protocol to
handle future presence exchange. It would at least make sense to also argue
about the "default" XMPP OS integration. In example any webbrowser starts up
the default email client when someone clicks on the mailto: link in a
webpage. A JEP about where to store users XMPP accounts in registry would be
good, too. These small features make new ideas to break through. As you can
see, Microsoft integrates it's MSN messenger more and more into windows. We
have to achieve this for jabber, too...

Johannes W.

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