[Members] Recap - Official JSF Projects & Certification

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Thu May 12 12:46:39 CDT 2005

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This is to recap the hijacked voting criteria thread as I understand
it at the moment. There are two things that have been discussed:
official JSF projects and certification.

An Official JSF Project would be an open-source project that has been
voted on by the members as deserving the title Official. This wouldn't
be exclusive to one client per platform or anything. Only that the
members agreed that the project deserves the badge.

Certification would be something both open and close source software
can achieve. This would have to be done on a per-JEP (and RFC) basis
since not every application that uses Jabber would fall under a
protocol suite. Meeting a protocol suite should get the app designated
by a precious metal or some other labeling scheme to stand out. So we
would see "JEP-0045 Certified" and "Gold Certified" for example.

The process of getting certified would require at least two
independent certifications by JSF Certified certifiers. I suppose any
entity could get that designation, but it would have to be revoked if
they're certifications aren't objective. Perhaps some kind of ranking
system would be needed. So that if a certifier's certification doesn't
match up with certifications done by other certifiers.

We would also need to come up with some checklists for each JEP to
make certification easier. I don't know if this would best be done by
the JSF or the certifiers themselves. Going per use case wouldn't
cover everything IMO with JEP-0045 coming to mind. A per use case
checklist for -0045 would miss quite a bit, like changing an
affiliation from "outcast" straight up to "owner". All of the MUSTs,
SHOULDs, etc. would also have to have a place too.

In sum, going forward w/ official JSF projects would be easy.
Certifications need rules, a process, and quite a bit of work. For
both though I'm sure an informational or procedural JEP will need to
be created.

- - Nolan
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