[Members] Voting Q4 2005

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Sun Nov 6 04:22:08 CST 2005


with a slight delay of one week, here comes the official call for voting
and the official closing of the application period.
In case you wonder why Peter isn't sending out the call: i got elected
to secretary and am now your contact for all things regarding your
member listing on j.o. If you need to change your listing on the
member's page, contact me and i will update your record.

memberbot at jabber.org is up, ready to count votes.

For members that have never voted before:
* send memberbot at jabber.org a simple message ('hi' will do) and follow
the directions.
* You may vote either through memberbot (so called proxy voting) or
finally in the member meeting of this term.

The official voting period will end in 14 days on the 20th of November
2005 with the official Q4 member meeting. I'll send out a proper
appointment two days before the meeting.

Secretary of the Board, Jabber.org

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