[Members] Revote necessary

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Tue Nov 8 12:00:05 CST 2005


yesterdays little problem with memberbot has made some little problems 
since there were different versions of persons to vote on.

A revote is necessary from the following individuals:

axelsena at jabber.uww.edu.xml  
jcea at jabber.org.xml             
smoku at chrome.pl.xml
brijesh.singh at jabber.org.xml 
mremond at erlang-projects.org.xml 
stpeter at jabber.org.xml
cbas at pandion.be.xml          
rob at cataclysm.cx.xml
jabber at vanbragt.com.xml      
scm at jabberafrica.org.xml

Please revote.

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